Company Profile
The Metamorphosis  

Brand House was the first established during the summer of 1992 offering full service bureau specialized in large format printing of designs in new and traditional media. We start our expertise and experience in delivering quality printing far beyond your expectations.

Combining the present trend and latest technologies in printing and creative advertising, we manage to eveolve and inspire to establish part of our house to be creative oofice to provide in house clients for their advertising needs. Though process and hardworks we maintin to provide clear channels of communitcation for clients.

Our Objective  
Whether we are creating a new brand identity or developing a product within existing guidelines, we follow a planned design developement procedure to help organisations position themselves comfortably above their competitors in the area of activity and exhibit their commitment to their business and their customers.We do a strategy of getting to know our clients, their products or services and their target market in the best aspects, so that we know what to provide and exactly how to do it!